Our Name Change

Wirral Citizens Advice Bureau is now Citizens Advice Wirral.

As part of a change to Citizens Advice across the UK, we’ve dropped the “Bureau” from our name – research showed that users of our services thought the word was old-fashioned and not relevant to them.

Our web site has now moved from http://wirralcab.org.uk to https://citizensadvicewirral.org.uk and we’re in the process of changing our email service to use the new name as well.

The appearance of the web site has changed to make it easier to read and the site adapts to the different screen sizes, reflecting the increase in use of mobile devices used to access our site.

Over the next two years we will start to use different technology to make our services more accessible to the people who come to us for help.

We will be posting information about progress on the web site as we make progress.

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