Flourish First Birthday Celebration

Wirral’s first Health Justice Partnership Hub celebrated its first year of ‘Flourishing’ at Victoria Central Hospital


The Ministry of Justice (MOJ) reported that co-locating legal and health support services is producing results, new research indicated, with some clients saying they would not have accessed support without a healthcare professional directing them to it. The MOJ funded – Flourish Wellbeing Hub, opened its doors on 27th November 2022 as the first of its kind, linking people to the help and support that is right for them. 


Getting access to advice and support sooner rather than later can really have a positive impact on people’s mental and physical health. The team of five local, charitable organisations that make up Flourish Wellbeing HubAge UK Wirral, Change Grow Live, Citizens Advice Wirral, Involve Northwest and Wirral Mind – were delighted to celebrate the first year of success yesterday at the Flourish’s home in Victoria Central Hospital. 


During the last 12 months the Wellbeing Hub has seen 1,389 people come through their doors. They have provided holistic support, meaning that those accessing Flourish have only had to tell their story once and then the transition to get the right help from a range of specialist services is seamless. 


The Flourish Wellbeing Hub provides a range of support for people experiencing social and economic issues that impact on health, and very often have a legal component relating to welfare rights. Issues like the cost-of-living crisis can have a huge impact on people not just financially but emotionally too. The range of practical and emotional support available at Flourish means that for any issue appropriate support and advice is accessible to all.


There are a large number of services that are delivered from Flourish; including advice appointments, counselling appointments, cost-of-living support, social prescribing, parent-carer support, dementia carer support, alcohol recovery appointments, adult learning courses and much more! 

Justice Minister, Lord Bellamy said: “The Flourish Wellbeing Hub is a one stop shop where people on the Wirral can easily access vital legal and wellbeing support all in one place. The money the Government has invested in it over the last twelve months is helping support people to overcome legal problems and get support to improve their lives.”


Justine Molyneux, CEO of Involve Northwest and Flourish partner organisation said: “Medical professionals are relied upon a lot of the time to know all of the answers, but this is an impossible task. That’s where Flourish comes in. The organisations at Flourish welcome people in and work together to provide wrap-around social prescribing services to support people when they may be facing difficult times. The collaboration of charities and local services delivering from Flourish has grown immensely within the first year. It has become a real asset to the health and wellbeing of the local community and we are excited to see how the hub will continue to Flourish!”


Carol Johnson-Eyre, CEO of Citizens Advice Wirral and Flourish lead partner organisation said:  “We are so pleased we can provide a safe space here where people can come to tell their story and make a start on their journey to wellbeing. We all know in life that problems can escalate from one to another and issues can all be interconnected. Here at Flourish we help people to pick apart those problems, understand their rights and help them to focus on what matters. We give people hope and the tools they need to live well. Wellbeing is what we are all about and we are looking forward to helping even more people in our second year.” 

Flourish Wellbeing Hub celebrates its first year

Flourish Wellbeing Hub celebrates its first year

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