Getting help when you need it

Help is out there if you are struggling

If you are struggling with your bills or paying debts, or do not have enough money coming in and need extra help contact your local Citizens Advice and get help.


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Help with school uniforms

If you are struggling with the cost of school uniforms you can get donated uniforms from Wirral FUSS. For more information, go to

If you have any unused school uniform please donate to FUSS and help our local community

Help with housing costs when you are facing financial difficulties

If you get Housing Benefit of housing costs paid through Universal Credit and are experiencing financial hardship, a discretionary housing payment can provide short term help to pay your rent.

To find out more and to apply visit the website

Local welfare assistance including Discretionary Housing Payments

The Local Welfare Assistance scheme in Wirral can help families on a low income with addressing a one off emergency. The government programme can also assist residents in a disaster. Any type of financial help or free household item provided by the council, whether a pre-paid card for energy bills or other support, is available once every two years.

The council will provide an award, also referred to as a grant, as part of LWA. Welfare is only for helping families that are local to the borough with one-off bills or needs. If a family is living in poverty, then the scheme is not for them. However the local authorities can refer the resident to other, more applicable sources of support.

Local Welfare Assistance will help Wirral families that need to be established in the area. In these cases, the client may be given the household goods they need such as furniture, bedding, white goods, and other items. Examples of when welfare can offer this form of assistance is for people leaving a hospital, care home, hostel or prison.

This form of support involves the local authorities given the family the items they need, within limits. It will be done at no cost to the client. In most cases, the furniture may be used as it comes from a charity shop or recycling centre. Using this type of in-kind provision allows the LWA award to provide the most support possible.

Grants from Local Welfare Assistance can also help Wirral families that are in a very short term crisis with help for paying bills. This form of support is provided at most once every 2 years, and the council makes no promises to assist. LWA is a discretionary scheme and funding is limited.

An award is available in the form of a pre-paid card. It will be loaded with cash for paying only certain companies. The welfare scheme has assisted residents with heating costs in the winter, clothing, and job related expenses. Or a parcel of emergency food – fuel vouchers may be given.

The local authorities will never just pass out cash as part of LWA. The card is used for paying only the bills that they authorise. Also, priority for any grant is for families on benefits that are threatened by a safety issue.

Financial help is very limited. Awards from the Wirral borough council will only be provided to residents with no other resources available. So not only do they need to be on a low income or benefits, but they can’t have friends, family, or savings to use.

If a resident has a support worker they partner with, this individual can also help the person apply for LWA. One benefit of using a worker is they can often provide other advice too on everything from local food banks to charities that help the vulnerable.

For more information, ring 0151 606 2020. Note the local welfare scheme is very limited. Most people will only be given referrals to another support service for funding in the area.

Get help if English is not your first language: ‘Wirral Change’ supports residents who may have barriers to accessing the Wirral Foodbank service via the Helpline or online form if their first language is not English or if they have other needs. For advice and guidance from Wirral Change:

  • telephone: 0151 649 8177
  • email: