EDI Charter

Citizens Advice Wirral: Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion Charter


Citizens Advice Wirral is committed to promoting and supporting EDI throughout the organisation for staff, volunteers, partners, clients, and the wider community.


  1. To develop a delivery plan covering all aspects of EDI for staff, volunteers, and clients. Progress will be annually reviewed, and the results annually published.
  2. To hold ourselves up to account and challenge discrimination wherever it occurs, either within our own organisation or the wider community.
  3. To develop an organisational culture that fosters inclusion, so staff and volunteers feel welcomed and encouraged to contribute their thoughts and ideas. Staff and volunteer surveys will be used to review progress annually.
  4. To consult the local community about the services they need and seek their views about our current services to inform their future development. The provision of services will be reviewed, and the findings included in our annual report.
  5. To encourage the broadest range of people from the community to work or volunteer in every role across CAW, including as a trustee, annually monitoring levels of representation.
  6. To provide opportunities and support to enable staff and volunteers to develop and advance within CAW and annually review progress.
  7. To continue to develop our understanding of good EDI practice to improve what we do and annually review our progress against national standards.

Trustee Board

The Trustee Board will support the commitments by:

  • attracting and recruiting from a diverse group of candidates to become trustees, removing barriers to participation, and providing them with an inclusive induction and ongoing support
  • ensuring all trustees have equality of opportunity to contribute to decision making and maintaining inclusive behaviours in how it conducts all its business
  • assessing the board’s own performance in supporting Citizens Advice Wirral’s EDI commitments and acting to remedy any gaps in its understanding or practice.

The designated subject lead(s) will advise the board about EDI policies and practices and National Citizens Advice membership requirements.

EDI Staff and Volunteer Group

The EDI Group will support the commitments by challenging Citizens Advice Wirral to ensure EDI is prioritised and the delivery plan is progressed.