Better Off Finance

Better Off Finance aims to support people to develop their financial capability and resilience and therefore to remove barriers, enabling them to become more job ready, and in preparing for and progressing into sustainable employment.

How it Works

Better Off Finance will reach out and connect with over 800 people from the local authority areas of Halton, Knowsley, St Helens, Liverpool, Sefton and Wirral within the Liverpool City Region (LCR).

Those benefiting from the project will be from some of the poorest and most disadvantaged areas within the region. These communities face a number of linked problems such as unemployment, poor skills, low income, poor housing, high crime environments, and bad health. Often this can result in poor mental well-being which can lead to poor motivation, low optimism and self-esteem and low resilience. This can impact on personal aspiration, perspective and choices and result in disadvantage in terms of engagement in economic activity.

The project will support people within these communities to;

  • Improve their financial capability i.e. the ability to manage their money better, and financial resilience i.e. the ability to cope with changes in circumstances
  • Prepare and progress into sustainable employment
  • Progress into training and education opportunities which will enable them to be more work ready and to become more digitally skilled and included

In addition, at least 100 volunteers will achieve a Money Mentor qualification ensuring legacy within communities post funding.

Better Off Finance is run by a partnership led by The Women’s Organisation chosen because of their reputation and track record in the Liverpool City Region as well as their capacity, skill and experience significant experience of project lead and accountable body status through ERDF and ESF for both UK and EU directorate programmes.

The partners are Citizens Advice South Liverpool, Citizens Advice North Liverpool, Citizens Advice Wavertree, Citizens Advice Sefton, Citizens Advice Knowsley, Citizens Advice St Helens, Citizens Advice Halton, Citizens Advice Wirral, RAISE, Worker’s Educational Association, Social Enterprise Network.

Partners were selected on the basis of delivery fit and capacity and this also included a due diligence process to check key areas of operation and governance. Partners selection criteria included; expertise in implementing – community outreach, financial capabilities, education, employment and training, programme compliance, systems and policies, track record and equality and diversity.

The partnership will seek to impact on policy by influencing government and institutions by using qualitative and quantitative evidence based arguments.

About The Women’s Organisation

The Women’s Organisation are a social enterprise and charity working for 20 years+ with women from diverse communities, enabling and inspiring them to believe in their abilities, to flourish in new and existing businesses, in employment, and to take an active part in their communities.