Gambling Support Service

Our Gambling Support Service aims to tackle problems early by providing training and awareness to our advisers to help them spot the signs of gambling-related harm.

The Gambling Support Service, which takes a public health approach to the problem, is  1 of 10 across the country funded by a £1.5 million, 2-year partnership with GambleAware.

A dedicated trainer will teach frontline staff across a range of organisations to identify anyone at risk of gambling-related harm and support them with the knock-on effects it can have, such as debt, work and housing problems.

The service will go out across North West to raise awareness of gambling-related harm and train frontline staff at organisations, such as councils, job centres and voluntary sector organisations so they can help people get the support and advice they need.

The staff learn how gambling has changed, who’s more at risk of gambling-related harm and how to spot the signs and symptoms. They will be able to offer advice and information and know how to refer people to specialist support.


People with gambling-related harm are more likely to seek help for problems such as debt than they are for gambling, which puts frontline  in a unique position to tackle root causes

The service will also offer advice to people or their families who are affected by harmful gambling and will signpost to specialist support services.


For more information contact James Callaway, Gambling Support Service project worker at