Supplementary Substance Misuse, Treatment and Recovery

Providing specialist advice, casework and social prescribing to clients accessing local drug and alcohol services.

Support is available for clients accessing local drug and alcohol services. 

What support is available?

An adviser can support you with general advice enquiries such as housing, debts, benefits, work, immigration, discrimination and consumer. This can include completing a benefit check or debt assessment, signposting or referring to local support services, or providing self help information. 

A caseworker can support you with more complex and ongoing support. This can include making an application for benefits, completing a mandatory reconsideration on a benefit decision, applications for discretionary housing payments (DHP) or applying to the household support fund (HSF) to name a few. 

Our social prescriber can help you with a whole range of practical, emotional and social issues.  You will be invited to talk about what matters to you, what is challenging you and what support you would like in order to address the issues discussed.